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From the New Media Institute at The University of Georgia, welcome to the Georgia On Your Mind podcast. Explore our series that uncoveres the relationship between the state of Georgia and the university that lives within the heart of it! Each week, a new episode will dive into an area that the state excels in and how the University of Georgia acts as a major contributor to that success. Joined by industry experts from both the state perspective and UGA perspective each week, we provide a well-rounded glimpse into the ways Georgia stands out as a multifaceted powerhouse. Thank you to the New Media Institute at UGA for supporting us as we made this podcast for our Emerging Media Masters capstone project; and thank you espeically to every guest who took the time to meet with us and provide us with your insights into the industries we covered this season. This podcast would be nothing without you!

Season One


Sports Tourism

Ep. 01/Feat. Josh Brooks and Tim Zulawski/Mar 31, 2023/27:23

It’s no secret that Georgia sports teams excel on the field. Home to world-renowned teams such as the Georgia Bulldogs and Atlanta Braves, the state has become known as an athletic powerhouse. Featuring Josh Brooks and Tim Zulawski, this episode explores the sports-tourism industry in Georgia and the ways in which UGA acts as a top contributor.


Ep. 02/Feat. Kevin Planovsky, Michael Myers, and Shep Ogden/Apr 7, 2023/26:31

Georgia has unique characteristics that position the state to really shine in the realm of entrepreneurship. From geographical advantage to economic policies, small business owners in Georgia can take advantage of these key components of business to grow exponentially. Featuring Kevin Planovsky, Michael Myers, and Shep Ogden, this episode explores entrepreneurship in Georgia and the ways in which UGA promotes business development across the state.


Ep. 03/Feat. David Barbe and Mala Sharma/Apr 14, 2023/30:33

Atlanta and Athens both serve as hubs for upcoming and mainstream music. With a plethora of recording studios and concert venues, as well as academic programs at UGA dedicated to bringing up the next wave of music business leaders, Georgia constantly makes space for new talent to pop up. Featuring David Barbe and Mala Sharma, this episode explores the rich history and continued potential of the music scene in Georgia, and the ever-emerging talent being fostered at UGA.


Ep. 04/Feat. Cassie Ann Kiggen and Dr. Laura Perry Johnson/Apr 21, 2023/25:37

If there's one area we all know Georgia excels in, it's agriculture. Producing $69.4 billion in revenue every year and dedicating almost 10 million acres of land to production, it's no surprise that we are the leading producers of peanuts, blueberries, onions, and of course, peaches. Featuring Cassie Ann Kiggen and Dr. Laura Perry Johnson, this episode explores the vast agricultural industry immersed throughout the state and shows why the self-proclaimed peach state should be known for so much more.

Marine Conservation

Ep. 05/Feat. Dr. Kady Lyons and Dr. Mark Risse/Apr 28, 2023/33:26

Home to over 100 miles of coastline and the largest aquarium in the US, Georgia has good reason to dive deep into the realm of marine conservation. From conservation efforts at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta to local efforts from communities along the coastline, our state is making a splash when it comes to preserving our marine ecosystem. Featuring Dr. Kady Lyons and Dr. Mark Risse, this episode dives deep into the unique challenges and opportunities Georgia faces in preserving this fragile ecosystem.

Film Production

Ep. 06/Feat. Daniel Sattelmeyer and Dr. Jay Hamilton/May 5, 2023/31:38

Georgia has become one of the top destinations for filmmakers in recent years, with a thriving industry that has contributed billions of dollars to the state's economy. From the state's diverse range of landscapes to its tax incentives for filmmakers, Georgia has positioned itself to be a leader in the film production industry for years to come. Featuring Daniel Sattelmeyer and Dr. Jay Hamilton, this episode explores the exciting world of film production in Georgia and the many ways in which this thriving industry is shaping the state's culture and economy.

Season One

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