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From the New Media Institute at The University of Georgia, welcome to the Georgia On Your Mind podcast. Explore our series that uncoveres the relationship between the state of Georgia and the university that lives within the heart of it! Each week, a new episode will dive into an area that the state excels in and how the University of Georgia acts as a major contributor to that success. Joined by industry experts from both the state perspective and UGA perspective each week, we provide a well-rounded glimpse into the ways Georgia stands out as a multifaceted powerhouse. Thank you to the New Media Institute at UGA for supporting us as we made this podcast for our Emerging Media Masters capstone project; and thank you espeically to every guest who took the time to meet with us and provide us with your insights into the industries we covered this season. This podcast would be nothing without you!

Season Two


Small Business Development Center

Ep. 01/Feat. Stephanie Stuckey, Aaron Bisges, and Mark Collier/April 16, 2024/22:12

The University of Georgia is driving many major statewide industries, but it's also fueling thousands of small businesses. In this episode, hear how UGA's Small Business Development Center is helping entrepreneurs all across Georgia find success in their financial endeavors. You'll hear from a former UGA student who fulfilled his dream of starting and operating a brewery, and you'll hear how a historic, family-owned candy company managed to re-brand and bring its factories back to life.


Ep. 02/Feat. Elizabeth Crimmins, Jason Ford, Dr. Rosanna Crux-Bibb/April 18, 2024/21:24

Since 2005, the Archway Partnership has been providing public service and outreach to cities and towns across the state of Georgia. From economic development to health and welfare, Archway empowers communities to address long-standing development needs. In this episode, we take a look at how students, faculty and community leaders worked together to re-vamp downtown Hartwell, Georgia - transforming the area from an occasional stop for locals to 'Georgia's Downtown of the Year' in 2023.

Small Satellite Lab

Ep. 03/Feat. Dr. Deepak Mishra /April 23, 2024/16:43

Right now, students at the University of Georgia are actively building satellites that will be launched into outer space. In this episode, we hear from UGA's Small Satellite Research Lab Director about developing and launching this innovative technology. He also talks about the meaning behind the mission and what's in store for the future.

Bluberry Farming

Ep. 04 Feat. Dr. Juliet Chu and Emily WalterApril 25, 202414:36

Georgia is known for its peaches - but did you know the 'Peach State' actually produces more blueberries than peaches? At the University Georgia blueberries have been a subject of research for decades. In this episode, we're taking you to UGA's Blueberry Breeding Lab where students and professors are working to help blueberry plants thrive.

Whale Saving Robots

Ep. 05

Whales, robots and hurricanes. In this episode, we take a closer look at some of the groundbreaking research that's happening at UGA's Skidaway Island Institute of Oceanography.

Public Service Outreach

Ep. 06

The University of Georgia is a national leader in university outreach. With eight different Public Service and Outreach units, faculty, staff and students in all of UGA's colleges are contributing to Georgia's prosperity. In this episode, we take a deep dive into some of the projects that are impacting communities across the state.

Season Two

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